The Idea:

The idea originated within Corona crisis. As a member of the initiative „Digitale Luftbrücke, we wanted to establish a digital bridge for retailers to their own and especially new (online) customers.

Our mission:

We want to allow  retailers an easy and fast digital access to online as well es his local customers and  in order to compensate his decline in sales in his local stores  during the corona crisis and additionally provide a quick entry in the digitalization.

The result:

An integrated & digital solution that enables retailers to drive or establish  sustainable online business very quickly by using the provided web interface and/or an integration his POS systems for processing and tracking the orders of his online customers.


Access for stationary dealers to e-commerce

As a stationary retailer you main focus ist he offer the right articles at the right time to your customers. We help you to offer and sell your stock online in a simple and uncomplicated way. We can support you with our experience in the operation of numerous online stores, a variety of marketplace connections and an extensive range of services in e-commerce concerning all sale and marketing activities via the Internet.

Easy access online sales and B2C e-commerce activities

Simply start selling your goods in stock via connected marketplaces and online stores. Drive step-by-step the expansion of your e-commerce activities with the support of ICO Trading and the associated Fortuneglobe Group by e.g. establishing your own Whatsapp-Commerce, e-mail marketing, Instagram, Facebook, integrated video conferencing with customers up to your own self-designed and controlled online presence and online store.

Overstock Solution

We enable manufacturers, brands and trading companies to offer and sell online-capable goods with direct shipping to end customers from different warehouse locations via online sales channels.

Managing your Overstock

ICO Trading offers to store your over stock in its own warehouse locations in order to sell it via various online sales channels such as marketplaces, shopping clubs and outlets as well as selling it to physical outlets in various countries. Depending on the characteristics of the overstock you want to move away from your warhouse location, we offer to either buy it from you or store at at our warhouse location as consignment stock.

Dropshipping without complex IT integration

You can easily provide your article data and process your online orders by using our online interface or establish an automated integration with your POS systems. Thus you can sell your goods with hardly any  IT integration via the sales channels of ICO-Trading.

Partners Network

Cooperation with „Digitale Luftbrücke“

ICO Trading is one of the supporters of  the initiative „Digitale Luftbrücke“. The major goal of this initiative is to support local retailers concerning digitalization and E-Commerce activities. ICO Trading can offer especially together with Fortuneglobe, Fortune Services, Gute Marken Online and AnalyticaA a comprehensive service portfolio to support retailers with their aspired E-Commerce acitivities.

Sales channels

ICO Trading uses the extensive partner network of the Fortuneglobe Group to market stocks from a wide variety of storage locations through several different online sales channels



ICO Trading offers retailers, brands and manufacturers the easy way to market their goods online and offline directly from their own warehouse locations or from ICO Trading‘s warehouse locations. ICO Trading can rely on the comprehensive IT solutions, the service portfolio and the partner network of the Fortuneglobe Group.


The sale of surplus eCommerce products was launched in a customer project of Fortuneglobe GmbH for the sale of seasonal surplus products of a large fashion retail group on eBay in 2014. In 2015, the project was taken over by the subsidiary Gute Marken Online GmbH on its own account and subsequently expanded. The great success in marketing in the following years led to steady growth and the acquisition of additional retail partners. In 2018, this division was spun off from the Fortuneglobe subsidiary Gute Marken Online and was transferred to an independent company. Triggered by the participation in the initiative “Digitale Luftbrücke”, which was established during the Corona crisis, ICO Trading started to extend the existing IT platform by a dropshipping solution for the easy integration of stationary retailers.

Part of the Fortuneglobe Group

ICO Trading GmbH is part of the Fortuneglobe Group, founded in 2000, with currently about 100 employees at three locations. The group also includes Gute Marken Online GmbH, which operates e-commerce solutions for over 60 well-known fashion brands, AnalyticaA, which is one of the top 25 performance marketing agencies in Germany, and Fortune Services, which offers comprehensive WhatsApp/conversational commerce and customer service. Through its participation in the Fortuneglobe Group, ICO Trading GmbH has access to highly flexible software, logistics and eCommerce resources.


Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about our services? Write to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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